The UK Surf Show, about us – Originally started by Pete and Leighton, two mates on the wrong side of 40 who have been friends since we were kids. We have shared many adventures together over the years and a huge part of these have been while surfing. We have failed, learned, improved and had a lot of fun in the process and we love to talk about our memories whilst making and planning new ones. There are many things we learned the hard way and we share these lessons with our listeners and learn loads from them too through their messages. Interviewing special guests also gives us an opportunity to learn more and hear some wonderful stories. We will probably never be the best surfers but we have the greatest times in the water.

Following the devastating news Leighton’s baby daughter was diagnosed with cancer (episode Effie), Leighton has understandably taken a step back from the show to focus all his energy on his family. 

Mitch has stepped in to allow us to continue and has brought with him his expertise, passion and general Scottish Surferness.

Whether you’re an experienced surfer, a complete kook or someone who fancies giving surfing a try, have a listen to the show. It might inspire you or at least make you smile!

Our “Philosurfy”

So, this name was made after some thoughts about how life is like surfing.

You know, you’re pushing through the obstacles (waves) to get to where you need to be (on the wave) only to be pushed back. The destination is not as important as the journey a lot of the time. As this was quite philosophical and based on surfing, the name ‘philosurfy’ was born.

Many of our calmest moments are found while bobbing in the sea waiting for a break or simply sitting out and watching the movement of the water.

Here is the post that gave us ‘philosurfy’:

It’s funny how life can sometimes feel like surfing with the constant pounding and being pushed back while trying to get to your destination (or where you think you want to be) out the back.

Then, once you finally get there, you find that you have to travel all the way back to where you started from.

I think this shows that it’s not always about the destination but how you got there and every wave you push through, or struggle you endured, has made you stronger for it.

Always keep paddling!